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Sex, Drugs, Ethics, History and Rock&Roll

Sex, Drugs, Ethics, History and Rock&Roll



‘A contact-intensive lecture, without smartphones, no fears, and a lot of self-confidence’
Frankfurter Rundschau

‘Grüne Soße and performance artist Leandro Kees got together to stage a production that delivers unusual physicality, spontaneity and an appetite for the undefinable’
FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)



‘A rough and amusing hour on stage’
Frankfurter Rundschau





This piece was made around questions that could be found in a secondary school book, but are not:
 How much money is it OK to have? Why do men need to cover up less than women? What are the races, ages and genders of the authors of school history books in Europe? How much less do women earn than men in Germany? Can you call a candy store owner a drug dealer? 

Theatre for youngster lives in a strange symbiosis with secondary schools: most youngsters go to the theater as part of a school trip, and it is often expected that a show is somehow 'pedagogical.'

But what does it mean to be pedagogical? And what would teachers teach, if it were left entirely up to their choice? How would a professor act, if they had total freedom and were not controlled by a national state? Or even more intruiging: what if a group of artists were asked to create new content and teaching styles for schools?

Maybe an artist trying to become a teacher is as hopeless as a biology teacher trying to compose a symphony. And this show is exactly about this irony.


This is a piece about the endless room for absurdity that would occur if teachers and artists ever switched roles.


    Created and Directed by: Leandro Kees |  Performed and Co-developed by: Kathrin Marder, Friederike Schreiber | Dramaturgy and Content-research: Ossian Hain | Set Design: Detlef Köhler | Costumes: Patrick Bartsch | Production Assistant: Philipp Kehder | Props: Sarah Castello, Theater Grüne Soße, Paintball Paradise.


    This piece was produced by Theater Grüne Soße and financed through the Department of Culture of the City of Frankfurt am Main, as well as the Ministry of Science and Arts of the Province of Hessen, Germany.



    "My work aims to lessen the gap between the real and the imaginary. I seldom choose fiction as a subject and focus usually on issues you might find in a newspaper. This work in particular swings between the dualities of how things are, and how we might like them to be at times.

    In an era where knowledge is mutating all the time and memorizing is no longer needed, we asked ourselves what could people learn instead of the content currently regulated by a national state.  And we especially fantasized about how a class might look like, if artists were to ever become school teachers."



    Sex, Drugs, Ethics, History and Rock&Roll is currently available for touring. This performance  is easily adaptable to different theaters and locations.
 The show is currently being performed in German.
    The touring team consists of 4 people: two performers, a dramaturg and a technician.

    For detailed information please contact:
    Löwengasse 27 K
    60385 Frankfurt 
    Tel: ++49-69-45 05 54 
    Fax: ++49-69-45 05 42 

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