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The Art Piece

The Art Piece




“A wonderful, radical confusion without safety net, which, despite its reduced surface, comes out as a wild piece of Performance-Theatre”
Westwind Festival


“Full of scenes to be grasped with intuition instead of theory. Not everything has to be understood rationally, and definitely not performance.”

Westfälische Nachrichten



Breaking with all possible definitions of how theatre for youngsters is supposed to look, we dove into a world of multiple meanings to bring teenagers close to what we, as artists, think art can look like sometimes.

We created this piece out of a profound wish to remember that art, just like life, is not always mild, colorful, entertaining, or grandly composed.  Instead, this piece is - and wants to be - the misfit kid in the classroom. The stranger. The outsider. The one no one "gets." The vulnerable one. The rebel. The flamboyant "weirdo." The one who is comfortable being different and puts a spotlight on themself to remember their own existence.

We created this work to reflect on traditions, to seek beauty in what we normally judge as ugly, to enjoy the strengths of our weaknesses, to look at  the brutalities of our own diplomacy and to remind ourselves and audiences that it can be terribly funny to do and see things differently than we usually.  This piece will not tell you a clear story; this piece is just there, like a Kafkaesque creature going out for a happy day at the park. Its existence is its own statement'.


    Directed by: Leandro Kees | Performed and co-developed by: Cornelia Kupferschmid and Marcela Ruiz Quintero  | Produced by: Fetter Fisch  |  Production Management:  Kerstin Stienemann and Regina Wegmann  |  Production Assistant: Fransisco Ruiz  |  Audience Development : David Kilinç  |  Light Design and Technique: Johannes Sundrup und Marc Feld  | Music: Max Richter, Yelle | Art History Consultant: Dr. Lena Geuer.




    "This piece came out of a wish to conceive other alternatives for making theatre for youngsters. 

    As a child and teenager I did not identify with theatre as 'spoken literature.' If I liked a show it was because it was different, I liked the strange things people did on stage, not the story they told. I liked actors being daring, running, kissing, hugging, breaking rules. 

    Maybe it was because when you are an adolescent all you want to do is to fit in, then any manifestation of difference becomes a beacon of hope in a world driven by behavioral norms.  

    Like something letting you know that there is more to it than meets the eye. That there is more to art than what a school teacher can tell you.

    Artists and teachers think about art in very different ways. Teachers want you to learn something. And we, the artists, don’t want you to learn anything, not in a show. We want you to experience something, and we trust 100%, you will do with it what you consider best. We don't want to evaluate you and compare your performance with the rest of the class.  We just want you to see some things... are possible. That's it.

    A further motivation for this piece was the relation between understanding art and understating people.

    Often I wonder if there is a relation between the intolerance people experience when encountering different artistic languages, and the intolerance towards foreigners and strangers in general.
 And I think there is.

    Being both an artist and a foreigner, it is easy for me to spot this connection. Which is why it was great to reflect about it in this piece, without ever speaking a single word about it, nor telling you a story of tolerance."




    THE ART PIECE  can be adapted  to different stage sizes and locations. It has minimal light requirements and goes on tour with only one suitcase.
    It can be performed in German, Enlish and Spanish. Other languages are possible. 
The touring team consists of 3 people: two performers and a technician.


    For detailed information and a technical rider please contact us at or

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