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'Some of the most brilliantly imaginative, humorous, touching theatre I have seen this year (...) they touch, glancingly, on subjects such as sexuality, nationalism, sex, feminism, loneliness and grief. This isn’t modern dance. If anything, it is a modernist novel, in dance. But it is infinitely more interesting than either genre (or that description) would lead you to believe., ★★★★★  THE TIMES

'in just 50 minutes, it leads its audience deep into the stuff of human identity, using movement and dialogue to discuss family and origins, nationality and gender, happiness, sadness and the way we express ourselves.' ★★★★  THE SCOTSMAN

'Both performers chat to us about themselves, their personal history, their likes and dislikes, with an affable honesty that is utterly engaging – but the real charm of their disclosures is where it takes young audiences in terms of thinking about how we all define ourselves, and how we make judgements about others based on appearances. There is a sophisticated, caringly-detailed process underpinning this generous-hearted show.' ★★★★ THE HERALD

'as with all successful shows created for young audiences, there is enough nuance in the work that there is something thought-provoking for an eight year old, as well as for those many decades older.' ★★★★ SYDNEY MORNING HERALD


Chalk About was born out of interviews with children about the things that count in life, and it grew up to be an internationally acclaimed production touring worldwide. This show for two performers settled somewhere between dance and a theater performance and turns the stage into a gigantic chalkboard to explores the nature of identity. It asks some of the big questions: What makes us who we are? Is it where we are from? How we talk?  Our gender? Our pasts or our futures? 'Chalk About' is a compact, life-affirming manifesto about the diversity of human existence.

The production evolved from a co-operation between the choreographers Leandro Kees (DE)  and Christine Devaney (UK) and it was later produced in two versions with different casts and in different languages. 'Chalk About' has been performed more than 200 times for over 10,000 people in 15 countries including prestigious venues and festivals such as the New Zealand International Festival, Sadler’s Wells (London) and Sydney Opera House.



    Concept and original choreography: Leandro Kees and Christine Devaney |  Dance: Marcela Ruiz Quintero, Constantin Hochkäppel  |  Scenography and Costumes: Karen Tennent | Music, technical management: Martin Rascher | Light design: Tom Zwitserlood  | Dramaturgy: Moos van den Broek | Original prduction: Alexander Thun.


    A production by performing:group and tanzhaus nrw in association with "Take-off: Junger Tanz." Also supported by the Kunststiftung NRW. The work was developed during the Take-off-residency program "New Steps."
    Leandro Kees belongs to those choreographers featured by the EU-program "Fresh Tracks Europe," supported by the culture program of the European Union. "
    Take-off: Junger Tanz" is supported by the culture office of the federal capital Düsseldorf as well as the Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of the federal state NRW. "Take-off: Junger Tanz" is a cooperation between Düsseldorf’s culture, education, and social institutions under the overall leadership of tanzhaus nrw.


    "This shows opens with the following line: “we were asked to do a show for children, and we had no idea how to do that”. And this was the truth at that point. So we did a show for us, two adults,  and bared in mind that youngsters will also sit in the audience some day. 

    I think the biggest achievement of this work is that it manages to talk with kids in a simple way, about things that are rather complex to talk about: love, death, sex, nationalism, solitude, growing up. And that it uses a good amount of humor and self-irony to get there.  'Chalk About' creates a space where it is OK to adresss all those things, while also talking about pizza,  dinosaurs or pop divas.

    This show is silly, a bit messy, wants to be elegant but is not, wants to be modern but is old school, a times beautiful, at times a bit embarrassing. And so is life.
    We have performed it hundreds of times all over the globe and I hope we keep on doing it. There is something very rewarding about making it 'OK' to be clueless about most important things."



    Chalks About is currently available for touring. This performance  is  easily adaptable to different theatres and locations and has minimal luggage (2 pieces).
    The show can be performed in several languages: German, English, Spanish. Other languages are possible.

    The touring team consists of 3 people: two performers and a technician.


    For detailed infomation please contact Martin Rascher at, or by phone +

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